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Hi Christian. Thanks for sharing your questions with us. Sure, you can do this. 

For example, this current community (community.tribe.so1) is a public Q&A community for our Tribe users like you. Also, because the community is public and the SEO Boost app is enabled in the community, many of the Q&As in this community have a good visit from search engines. Therefore, you can create a Q&A platform on Tribe and with the help of your SEO techniques and Tribe SEO features, you can get indexed on the internet as well.   

You can learn more about SEO here3

Some other articles that can help you with learning basic SEO techniques are here1

Why is SEO important for a small business?

Being a small business is tough. Many businesses fail in the first year, and many more will not make it to the five-year mark. But even established businesses can fail if they are unable to adapt to changing times.

Marketing is difficult — digital marketing even more so. And the black-box nature of SEO can make it the most difficult form of marketing your business. Yet when done well, there is little that can compete with strong, organic search engine visibility to promote your small business. Organic listings build trust with local customers, and all the best business relationships are built on a foundation of trust.

In this article, I want to look at SEO as a marketing tactic specifically for small businesses. I will share everything we have learned working on hundreds of small business SEO projects. My intention is to arm you, as a business owner, with the knowledge and power to make the right decisions when implementing an SEO strategy — whether you choose to do some or all of the SEO work yourself, employ an in-house SEO or outsource the work to an SEO agency.

It is a given that search engines and SEO will play an important role in the future of your business. And the goal of this article is to use my 20 years of SEO experience to help you make the best possible decisions when putting SEO to work for your small business.

Is SEO right for your small business?

Search engines... (More)

How do you market your business online?

1. Create a blog and post high-quality content regularly.

2. Market your content on Medium and Quora.

3. Connect with others on LinkedIn groups.

4. Use Facebook ads and strategically-targeted landing pages.

5. Leverage the power of Instagram influencers.

6. Create useful video tutorials on YouTube.

7. Develop a relationship with your customers through email marketing.

8. Use Angie’s List or TripAdvisor.

9. Build consumer trust on platforms like Yelp and Trust Pilot.

10. Utilize rich snippets, AMP, and FBIA.

11. Collaborate with popular bloggers in your niche.

12. Regularly contribute to industry-specific forums.

13. Offer a free product or service to customers.

14. Use business listing sites like Yahoo Local and Google Local.

15. Optimize your website for SEO.

16. Co-sponsor an award or giveaway in a contest.

17. Give a talk at a professional conference or on a webinar.

18. Use press releases to communicate important company news or events.

19. Create a branded email signature.

20. Implement the 80-20 rule to identify and market to high-value clients.

21. Post photos and videos with relevant hashtags on Pinterest, Flickr, Tumblr, and Instagram.

These above-mentioned tips surely help for your business growth, But you still wish to drive more sales from your business then learn the latest SEO Expert Books.