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Scalable SEO Strategy For Tribe Using The UGC Loop (User Generated Content)

Hi Tribe :) Sharing below my draft evernotes of the SEO Strategy we intend to implement using the Tribe platform. I hope you find it valuable or inspiring in any way.

It's a high-level draft overview, needs refining and defining the details. I'd love to see any inputs from you, your thoughts, proposal, suggestions, questions, ideas, advice, etc.

Key objective: Scale the acquisition of new users by using non-paid traffic sources

  1. Keyword strategy: Do KW research and decide which KWs to target, when, etc.
  2. We (tribe admins and moderators) start / ignite UGC by creating a Question Post, and asking a keyword-focused question.
  3. A Question Post gets its own unique URL address
  4. Tribe users start posting Answers. URL start getting more unique, fresh content.
  5. Google Indexes the URL. URL starts ranking in Google.
  6. People find content: People search and find the URL in Google, click-through to Wellnio Tribe.
  7. New users sign up: % who find and view content sign up in Wellnio Tribe
  8. Create content: % who sign up create / contribute unique content (ask a new question, answers a question, etc)
  9. Repeat the loop.


  1. We don't have to create unique, original content. We simply need to start / ignite UGC by creating a Question Post, and asking a keyword-focused question, ask our users to participate.
  2. Cost: Close to zero. No cost of content production.
  3. Scalable. We could do this for 1,000 of KWs.


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  2. Too time-consuming and complex to moderate answers?... (More)
Eli Tribe TEAM
Customer Support Manager at Tribe

Hi Todd, 

Getting indexed on google depends on many factors: Your domain reputation, the number of back-link you get, the number of original content you share in your community and the quality of the content, the keywords you are targeting, and many many more. 

Getting indexed on Google is not something that would necessarily happen in one month. For many businesses, it takes months. You can learn more here


Todd PetersonSuper Customer of Tribe
President and Founder, America Industries

[See Admin's Reply] Google Analytics | I have a main website and I have integrated Tribe as a subsite. What is the best set up for traffic count?

This is my main site:

This is my tribe site:

As I understand it, they are technically, two separate websites.

Ideally, I want Google to look at them as 1 website, so that all of the traffic and links that go to the Tribe online community will help my main site rank higher in Google.

Question 1:  given the way I have set up Tribe (, will that help my main site rank well?  Or do I need to change it to:

If that is even possible.

Question 2:  Do I use the same Google Analytics Tracking ID for and insert that into the admin field for the site?

That is what I have just done.


Thank you for any clarification.