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Slack Login
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Hi Robert,

Thank you for asking the question! Here's a step by step guide:-

  1. Login to your community and go to Admin Settings.
  2. Under Admin Settings, you need to go to Apps and download the Social Login App.
  3. In the Social Login App, you need to enable Slack. Prior to enabling Slack, you need Slack Client ID and Slack Client Secret.
  4. In order to get those two id's, you will need to create a new App in Slack.
  5. Please visit Slack's API Page20 and click on "Create New App".
  6. Then, you will need to add 'App name' and "Development Slack Workspace"
    -> Please note that you can change App name later however you cannot change Development Slack Workspace.
  7. After clicking on Create App, it will take you to the Basic Information page.
  8. Next, you will need to go to "OAuth & Permissions" under 'Features'.
  9. You need to scroll down to "Redirect URLs" and add "https://your-community-URL/auth/slack/callback10" as "Redirect URLs"
    Please replace "your-community-URL" your community's URL. If it's "cjs-test.tribe.so8", then the URL will be "". Also, please make sure to add the URL with both http and https. For example “ " AND "
  10. Lastly, you will need to go to "Basic information" again and copy Client ID and Client Secret and paste it next to Slack's option and hit 'Update'.

Post that, you will be able to use Slack as an option for login. I've added a video which gives... (More)