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SSO (Single Sign-On)
SSO (Single Sign-On)


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Hi Vikram,

Hope you're doing well!

As discussed, in order to authenticate our JWT API requests, we need to include the secret key in the API token. Once added, we will be able to make the calls and it will return status 200.

Hope the issue is sorted now.


Eli Tribe TEAM
Customer Support Manager at Tribe

Hi there. Thanks for your interest in Tribe and our SSO app. 

SSO app creates a seamless login experience for the members between the community and your website/app. You can  learn more here.55 

SSO app is only available to our premium/enterprise customers. We do not have plans to release this app for free or plus plan at this moment. You can find more information on our  pricing page here38

Eli Tribe TEAM
Customer Support Manager at Tribe

Add /login/direct to the end of your community URL, so that you can log in with your already existing email/password as an admin.