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SSO (Single Sign-On)
SSO (Single Sign-On)


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Eli Tribe TEAM
Community Success Manager at Tribe

Hi Jonathan. In the SSO app settings, there is a section called "Account Settings Url". If you fill-out this section, every time the users wants to update his.her community account info (like email, picture, name,...), Tribe will send the user back to your main website's account settings. Once the changes are made on your main website or platform, the updates will be reflected on user's community profile as well next time he/she login or refreshes the page. 

Hello @Constantin Kim3! You may consider enabling SSO (Single Sign On)8 so that you can connect the user-base from your main product or website to your community. 

We support different SSO methods, 5including JWT, OAuth2.0 and SAML. The SSO feature is available on our Premium and Enterprise plan. 

Thanks @Siavash3 for helping us get this resolved!

As it turns out, if you're using FastCGI for your WordPress website it does not accept the authorization header which was causing the issue. Read this article for more explanation:

Tribe has added a new checkbox called "Pass access token as query string". Once this is enabled, SSO will work as expected.