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Telegram Integration
Telegram Integration


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Hi @Esmeray Morana2

I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing this issue. I have included a resource link that might be helpful: How to connect and disconnect my Telegram to my Tribe account?8

Can you type in /start and hit enter in your Telegram App. This should get you connected.

So, I'm trying to set up telegram for my community but all i keep getting is, "Your Telegram account is not connected to any user. Please go to the website and connect it from there." and I have and it says that I'm connected. I don't know what's going on.


If you are still experiencing the same issue, please kindly follow the troubleshooting steps below:

1. Uninstall the Telegram app from the community

2. Uninstall and reinstall Telegram on your device

3. Create a new account in Telegram

4. Reinstall the Telegram in the community

5. Connect the Telegram app

Please let me know how this goes or if you have any further questions!

I've used my own Telegram ID to connect with the bot. Then I could add the bot to my community channel by right-clicking on it in the Telegram desktop app. Traffic seems to be one way only and that's from the channel or bot to your community and not the other way around.

Mo MalayeriTribe Team
Celebrating Human Connections

Hey @Daniele Besana54 

The current version of Telegram integration does not let you use your own bot. The FB messenger on the other hand has that capability. We will consider your feedback in future updates of Telegram app.

Eli Tribe TEAM
Customer Support Manager at Tribe

You can connect your Telegram messenger to your Tribe community account very easily. This way, you can receive your community notification on your Telegram messenger.

First, make sure you have installed Telegram App into your community. Please see this link showing how to install and app: How to install an app to my tribe community?205

Once you have installed Telegram messenger into your community, follow the 4 steps below to connect your personal Telegram messenger into your tribe community account:

1. When telegram messenger app is installed into your community, you will see a checklist under your profile picture. Click on "Connect Telegram" button:

2. You will see this message. Click on "Send Message" to activate your Telegram integration:

3. Click on "Start":

4. You will receive a message that confirms your Telegram is connected:

Now, if your click on your community profile picture, you will see the Telegram messenger icon under your picture. Also, admins can send private messages to the users via telegram by clicking on Telegram Messenger icon on users' account. Members cannot see your phone number, they are just able to send you a message by your telegram username.

You will receive your community notifications in your telegram when users follow you or your questions, up-vote your answers, post a comment under your answers, request an answer from you, etc.

Also, you can use your messenger to actually activate in your tribe community, without even logging into your community. You... (More)