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Topic Management
Topic Management
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Hi @Grant Petersen-Speelman12! At the moment, it is only possible to require tagging on posts (Admin Panel > Content Types) however, a required collection topic is not an option yet. I have moved this question to our Feature Requests... (More)

Co-founder at Tribe

Topics are mostly for categorizing content and it's main purpose is discovery. They do not have any permission or access settings attached to them.

To make content visible to specific users, or after they're logged in, you will need to... (More)

Jamal O Al-Khatib
Co-founder of Arabic Spring pro

Hi @Vlad Čoki13,

Creating a topic means you create either a (Category, Collection, Tag).
As far as I know, members can't create topics that fall under a collection or category, they can create only a tag 

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