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I'm currently doing that and it is perfectly doable. My strategy is to create a private/secret group for a course. People that register get access to the group where you then post your course content. 

Hi@Nick Ford10,

You can definitely set up a job board/ vacancies listing within your community. This can be done by creating a Topic8 specific to job postings that people can tag their job post to and users that follow the Topic can be notified whenever a new job posting is created. 

Alternatively, you could create a Group4 for the job board which will separate the job posts from the main feed unless users are a member of that group. Within the group you could also highlight Topics7 specific to the types of industries the job posts are related to. 

Lastly, if you're comfortable with HTML code, you could promote a job board link by placing a notice within the box located on the right-hand side of the community. This can be done by going to Admin Settings > Themes > Advanced Settings. I've included more information about this here4.

Hope this information was helpful with what you're looking to accomplish!

Our group started with Tribe specifically because of the Pandemic with an added push away from the hostile user experience that is called Facebook. We transformed one offline course into an online course and use Tribe to keep the course participants connected and in touch with the course instructor. So far we are very happy with Tribe though there are a few issues that we cannot get an answer for from Tribe staff or the Tribe community.