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Usually reloading might work. Try incognito or private browsing mode. Depending on your device/browser app, most include an option in the settings where you can Add to Homepage any website you want. It's the same thing. Instructions for iOS7 and Android6.

Eli Tribe TEAM
Community Success Manager at Tribe

Hi @Melanie West8  You can see our support community (this community) as an example. There are showcases here as well:

You can also create your free Tribe from here ( to give it a try. 

If you would like to know about the features and apps available on other plans, you can use this page:

To learn more about our paid plans, you can also book a call with our sales representatives to get a demo. 

If there is any other specific questions about Tribe product, please leave a comment under this answer and I will be more than happy to answer. 

Eli Tribe TEAM
Community Success Manager at Tribe

Hi Matt, 

Thanks for your question. To launch your community successfully, you need to review our "Community Launch Checklist29". 

However, because of the nature of the online communities, the to-do list would be different based on the use-case, community goals, metrics, type of users, type of business,...

Anyone is looking to get something out of it which might be different from what others are looking for. However, here, I am going to provide your with the general steps you need to take to have a "ready-to-launch" community: 

  1. Move10 Community under your own domain or sub-domain
  2. Set the "Access10" and "Registration12" policies. 
  3. Install the "Must-Have" apps. The recommended list to review is Sendgrid10, Moderation6, Group7, Analytics10, ... To see the full list of the apps available on your plan, click on the Admin Panel> from left-side menu go to App. To find our the use-case for each app, search for the app name in this community to find the detailed explanations. 
  4. Set the notification12 for the community. 
  5. Set the "Structure" for the community. When we talk about the structure, we are talking about the Content types9, Topics, and Groups12
  6. Add beta users to test the platform for you and gather the feedback before your public launch. 
  7. Figure the integration using API, Firebase app, Webhooks, Zapier, .. 
  8. Launch the community for end users and keep them engaged in the community. This link13 can be helpful.