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Tribe Pricing and Billing
Tribe Pricing and Billing
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Ari DiamondTribe Team
Director of Customer Success

Hi @Marlys Arnold5,

As of now, Tribe is not enforcing any storage space/limits on the platform.  We have implemented storage policies in the past and subsequently removed them. 

 Transparently, we may do so again in the future but rest assured we would provide a generous grace period to provide ample time for our customers to understand their storage usage, where they're at against the limit, etc.

For now, I can confidently say that you should not worry about storage.

Only Admins will be able to upgrade new features to their community. You can upgrade by doing the following:

  • Open your community
  • On the top-right of your community is your profile picture. Click on it and select "Admin Settings".
  • On the left you'll be seeing "Billing". Click it and it will show you all available plans (Free, Plus, Premium and Enterprise).
  • Click on "Upgrade" below any plan listed there to pay and upgrade.

If you need help for Enterprise, you must contact Tribe via Chat to start Enterprise plan.