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Tribe Pricing and Billing
Tribe Pricing and Billing
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Hi @Abhijoy Sarkar2!

I just came across your post while moderating - thanks for your patience! If you still haven't found what you're looking for, the Tribe Premium and Enterprise pricing plans include having a dedicated Tribe Account Manager.  

Here are some benefits to working with a Tribe Account Manager: 

  • Scheduled onboarding calls to help you get the most out of the platform in the shortest time
  • Attend weekly calls and/or email exchange for assistance with settings or support queries
  • Receive help with engagement tools and tips to reach your community's engagement goals
  • Receive feedback to structure the community in the best way possible to match it with your use-case

Learn more about pricing plans here!2

Hi @oyenola philip3

Currently, the number of users who can register for a community on the Free Plan is limited to 500. The amount of registered Community members is unlimited under the Plus, Premium and Enterprise plans. Learn more about it pricing here!4

I hope this helps! 

Hi @ak2 

Thanks for posting! Alexa here from the Support Team at Tribe, let me help!

The Tribe's pricing plans that support 10,000 users would be the Plus, Premium, and Enterprise plans. Learn more about Tribe's pricing plans here7 to see which would be a good fit for you!

Please let me know if you have any additional questions - I'm happy to assist!

Only Admins will be able to upgrade new features to their community. You can upgrade by doing the following:

  • Open your community
  • On the top-right of your community is your profile picture. Click on it and select "Admin Settings".
  • On the left you'll be seeing "Billing". Click it and it will show you all available plans (Free, Plus, Premium and Enterprise).
  • Click on "Upgrade" below any plan listed there to pay and upgrade.

If you need help for Enterprise, you must contact Tribe via Chat to start Enterprise plan.