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App Use Cases
App Use Cases
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Adrian Garcia
Digital Marketing Expert

Tribe Community Platform with the power of Intercom integration creates a robust solution for user engagement, targeted messaging, user onboarding, self-service account creation, and more.

Intercom is a communication and engagement software that comes with apps... (More)

Cookie Consent App 🍪

Since May 2018, given the legal requirements for explicit, informed consent, there has been an outgrowth in cookie ‘consent’ mechanisms popping up or sliding atop websites that nudge visitors about the use of cookies.

We have released an app called... (More)

Adrian Garcia
Digital Marketing Expert

The SendGrid application lets you sign the emails with your own domain on SendGrid account. Also, it improves the email delivery rate and ensures that your community emails are not ending up in spam.

To use the Sendgrid account, you... (More)

PreetishTribe Team
Ḿarkḛtinḡ ḁt Tribë

New app | Zapier

Zapier integration is a powerful update as it simply converts your community into automated actions and allows you to connect your Tribe with 1500+ apps. It works by setting up automatic triggers that get fired based on an event and... (More)