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Webhooks App
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API requests using admin creds should not go to moderation.

We have multiple closed groups in our community.
Flow is:
1. User Signup web hook -> 
2. Hitting the api to add user to the relevant group based on user properties in our internal database  -> 
3. User is not added to the group instead it goes to moderation for approval.

Is this by design?

Our expectation is that if we are using auth creds of an admin to hit the API the request should not go to the moderation.
In web interface if an admin adds a user to a group that request does not go to moderation.

@CJ Verma 

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Webhooks App
Parker Casio Patty
Digital Marketer, Affiliate and SAAS Expert

Webhook Not Works

Hi I want to make my Graphic Design Community using Tribe

I want to integrate with moosend as Email Service
I try to connect moosend using pabbly connect but when I try to make new webhook it not works inside tribe

Can someone help? Thank you

Eli Tribe TEAM
Enterprise Account Manager at Tribe

Hello there. We are not sending notification for every new registration natively. However, if you are interested, you can use our webhooks integration to send you a notification when there is a new account created in your community. Through webhooks, you can decide where you want to send the notification. For example, to your slack channel or email or etc.