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Webhooks App

[SEE ADMIN'S REPLY. THE CORRECT QUESTION SHOULD BE AROUND WEBHOOKS, NOT THE APIs] How are changes in the API (and webhook payloads) being proactively communicated to customers?

Hi Tribe team! @Eli @CJ Verma As you know, we are using Tribe and heavily rely on the API so we can really customize the experience for our users. The hybrid nature of Tribe as a community management platform is the primary reason we decided to use Tribe over other platforms.

However, our Dev team is really frustrated with the Tribe API, particularly the out of date API documentation, and breaking changes being released (without any sort of heads-up at all?).

The Product team is all-in on Tribe, but we don't want to continue to create problems for our dev team, so we have a couple of questions:

  • Is the API an area of ongoing development and improvement for the Tribe team? Or is access to the API more of a side-project that we shouldn't expect to get a lot of attention?
    • When I advocated for Tribe it was with the understanding that the API was actually a robust part of the product offering, and if that is not the case we would just appreciate better expectation setting.
  • Is there already a process in place to give API users a heads-up about changes?
    • can we get updated documentation before a change is released?
  • How should we go about reporting inaccuracies in the documentation? Our Dev team has wasted a lot of time trying to follow incorrect documentation and we'd love to help stop this from happening (to us and to others).
  • When a breaking change is introduced, can you provide... (More)
Eli Tribe TEAM
Customer Support Manager at Tribe

Hi Lara. You can automatically add users to specific group(s) inside your community if the user has a specific differentiator on his/her account. 

The differentiator can be something like: user's payment plan on your website, country, language, role, or any other information that you have from your side on the user's accounts. Then, you can use Tribe's "Webhooks+API"102 or "Zapier" 64app to set the automation. Zapier is much simpler, but if you decide to use the webhooks, you need to use "user.signup". 

In case you are using SSO10, you can also simply pass the "group" as part of your SSO token. This will take care of automatically adding/removing the group to/from groups.  

If you are worried about removing users from those groups when the user is not eligible to be part of that group anymore (for example the user is not on your paid plan anymore), you have 2 ways to automatically remove the person from the group:

  • Use an API to update the paid member's list (this should be done by your tech team and from your end).
  • Or to use Stripes's webhook (or the webhooks for any other payment software that you are using) to remove the user from a group on Tribe if the payment is canceled.

    Here's how you can do it through Zapier-


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Webhooks App

If we explicitly add a member to a group using Tribe API, will that trigger the group.join webhook or not?