Hi Tribe team! @Eli @CJ Verma As you know, we are using Tribe and heavily rely on the API so we can really customize the experience for our users. The hybrid nature of Tribe as a community management platform is the primary reason we decided to use Tribe over other platforms.

However, our Dev team is really frustrated with the Tribe API, particularly the out of date API documentation, and breaking changes being released (without any sort of heads-up at all?).

The Product team is all-in on Tribe, but we don't want to continue to create problems for our dev team, so we have a couple of questions:

  • Is the API an area of ongoing development and improvement for the Tribe team? Or is access to the API more of a side-project that we shouldn't expect to get a lot of attention?
    • When I advocated for Tribe it was with the understanding that the API was actually a robust part of the product offering, and if that is not the case we would just appreciate better expectation setting.
  • Is there already a process in place to give API users a heads-up about changes?
    • can we get updated documentation before a change is released?
  • How should we go about reporting inaccuracies in the documentation? Our Dev team has wasted a lot of time trying to follow incorrect documentation and we'd love to help stop this from happening (to us and to others).
  • When a breaking change is introduced, can you provide... (More)