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All the Q&A and discussions around Zapier integration. There are a lot of magic you can do with this integration. If you came across a cool Zap, share it with the community by starting a discussion. 

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CJ VermaTribe Team
Implementation Specialist

Hi there,

You can review this answer-

If you follow the steps above and set the reputation score(in Zapier) to less than what the base score is(by default 10), you will be able to automate it. 

Hope it helps!

Eli Tribe TEAM
Customer Support Manager at Tribe

Hi there. Thanks for choosing Tribe. We have a very similar use-case on one of our communities for MindValley. You can see the user-case here:

In this community, they are using SSO to connect their userbase. Then, as explained here60, they add users to a specific group(s) based on their payment plan, subscription, location, or anything else.