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Customer Support Manager at Tribe5 days ago

Add Top Navbar

This article showcases the available options to customize the top navigation.

To add or update the navigation bar on the top of the community, you need to go to Admin Panel that requires admin access:...

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To prevent the community emails from ending up in spam, you need to:

  • Move the community under your own company domain or sub-domain.
  • Make sure your domain is not blocking the third-party software (Like ...
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Learn how to migrate your existing community members to Tribe using our API.

To migrate your existing community members to Tribe using our API, follow the steps below:

1. Authentication: there are ...

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Learn how to migrate content to your Tribe community using Tribe's API.

In order to migrate content to your Tribe community using Tribe's API, follow the steps below!

1. Authentication: there are ...

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Learn how you can invite members individually or in bulk to your community.

When you want your community to be private and exclusive, then setting your community to "invitation" will do the job. Only ...

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Learn about the process of rewarding users as soon as an item is redeemed in the Virtual Store without any manual work.

Digital rewards are a natural extension of the Virtual Currency app offered by ...

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Learn how to gamify the community to make it active.

Rewarding your most active users can promote user activity and engagement. Well, who doesn't want that, right? There are basically 3 tools in Tribe ...

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Learn how Tribe uses MAU to determine how much you will pay for the service.

In Tribe, we don't charge communities by the number of registered users but we charge by MAU. Why? Because we believe that ...

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Change your payment details and view your invoices in your Billing settings.

As an admin, you can change your payment details, or view your invoices. To do so, go to Admin > Billing inside of your ...

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Learn more about API error codes that community builders receive while setting and using Tribe's API.

Below is a list of all the API error codes that Tribe uses:

Error Code > Meaning

400 Bad Request &...

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