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Customer Support Manager at Tribe2 years ago

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How to install an app to my Tribe community?

One of the superiorities of Tribe community platforms is the ability to install apps into your community. You are a few clicks away from installing an app that can completely change the functionality of your community. For example, you can install apps for Transaction, Virtual Currency, Social Login, Google Analytics, drift, Slack, Telegram, and many more that give you the ability to use your community as a multi-functional platform. 

Only community admins can install/uninstall an app. To install/uninstall an app, follow the steps below:

1. Click on your profile picture and go to the Admin Panel:

2. Click on the Apps button, scroll down, choose the app, and click on it:

3. In this example, I chose Signup Wall to be installed in my community:

4. Click on the Install button, refresh your community, and the app should be installed immediately:

5- To uninstall an app, follow the same steps and you will see the "uninstall" button instead of the "install" button. 

We can have more apps available in our app store. If you want a specific app on your community, contact our team. 


Customer Support Manager at Tribe2 years ago

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