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Customer Support Manager at Tribe2 years ago

Release Notes

📢 Sign-Up Wall: Released on Jan 1st

Update: Tribe no longer supports this feature.

The sign-up wall is a feature released on our App Store. By installing this app, visitors would need to sign-up to be able to see the content fully while the content is being indexed by Google.

Therefore, when you publish interesting content in your community, people would not just read it and leave. They will need to sign-up for your community to read the content.  

Please click here to learn more about this feature. 

Stuart Harrison

a year ago

Can you explain how this works please? I've switched it on and tried on an incognito browser where I'm definitely not signed in.

The message shows up but underneath the posts.

It displays the entire ...

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Alexa Kempton

Community Manager @ Tribe9 days ago

Update: Tribe no longer supports this feature.

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