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Zapier Integration

Instantly connect Tribe with 3,000+ apps to automate your work and find productivity super powers.

❗Important: this post is in The Knowledge Base (1.0) Space. For customers on Tribe 1.0. If you created a community after June 1, 2021, please visit our Knowledge Base Space.

Zapier integration is a powerful update as it simply converts your community into automated actions and allows you to connect your Tribe with 3,000+ apps. It works by setting up automatic triggers that get fired based on an event and performs action either inside the community or in the third-party app.

Discover what Apps you can connect with your Tribe Community Via Zapier here.

Although there are endless use cases, here are some of the popular ones:

  • Create support tickets from community discussions
  • Add contact to marketing software such as MailChimp when a verified user joins your community
  • Log the community activity of your customer inside CRM app
  • Add users to different groups inside your community when they make payment for subscription
  • Invite Users.
  • Update User Settings.
  • Add content to Google Spreadsheet based on new posts added to the community
  • Create community discussion when your blog creates new post
  • Perform sentiment analysis on the user-generated content by sending content to a service like Semantria

How to Activate Zapier

Activate Zapier by accessing the Apps  section inside the Admin Panel. Learn more about installing Tribe Apps here.

In App Settings > Zapier, complete the listed steps to get started:

How to find your API Key to set up your account

In order to find your API key to set up your account, you need to first download and enable Zapier. Here are the steps: -

  • In order to Install Zapier, you need to go to Admin Panel and go to Apps section. 
  • Under Apps section, download Zapier. 
  • Once downloaded, please enable Zapier and hit Update.
  • Under step 3, you will find Zapier key. Please copy it.
  • You need to go to Zapier, hit "Sign in to Zapier"

  • In the Pop up window, add API key, hit "Yes, continue" and Authorize access. 

By following the steps above, you will be able to find API key and Log in to Zapier. 

Zapier Triggers & Actions

View the available Zapier triggers & actions below:


  • New Content - When a new content item(Post, question, Discussion, or Blog) is created.
  • New Group - When a new group is created in your Tribe community.
  • New Topic - When a topic is created in your Tribe community.
  • New User - When a new user is created in your Tribe community.
  • New Group Member - When a user joins(Public Group) or request to join a group(Private Group).


  • Create a Post - Create a post in my community.
  • Create a Question - Add a question in my community.
  • Create an Answer - Add an answer for a specific question.
  • Create a Topic - Create a new topic in the community.
  • Create a Group - Create a new group for the community.
  • Invite users - Sends invites to join your community.
  • Update a user - Update the information of a specific user.
  • Add / Remove a Group Member - Add or remove a member from a specific group.


  • Find Content - Find content(Question, Post, Blog, Discussion) within Tribe Community.
  • Find User - Find a community member.
  • Find Topic - Find a topic.
  • Find Group - Find a group.

What's Next?

Learn how to:

  • Customize an invitation message sending via Zapier.
  • Integrate the Community into a Website or Mobile App
  • Run membership websites or selling courses via Zapier.
  • Manage community membership via Zapier.

Learn more about:

  • The latest Zapier integration update.
  • Existing community Q&As regarding Zapier.