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Ari Diamond


Director of Customer Success @ Tribe2 months ago

Migrate content to your Tribe community

Learn how to migrate content to your Tribe community using Tribe's API.

In order to migrate content to your Tribe community using Tribe's API, follow the steps below!

1. Authentication: there are several ways to authenticate using Tribe's API. To learn more about authentication, please refer to our article “Authentication using Tribe API” by clicking here.

2. Access Token: once your API access access is authenticated, it will generate an access token.

3. Add Access Token to Header: once you have the access token, copy it and add it to the header. Please find the format below:

  Key           					Value								Authorization                  Bearer<space>Access token  

4. Add JSON Parameters: Once added, please move to the “raw” section under Body and select JSON format. Once selected, add the following parameters in JSON format:

"title": "The title of the post "
"content": "The content of the post "
"type": "The type of the post(post, question, discussion"

5. POST: Select “POST” as the request type and insert “https://Your-community-URL/api/v1/users” (Replace “Your-community-URL” with your own community URL)

6. Validate: Once you hit send it will create a user for you with the status “200 OK”

Here are some of the optional fields that you can use based on your needs :

If you receive an error code, you can read about it, here.

To learn about several other API endpoints, please click here.

What's Next?

  • Learn how to migrate users to your Tribe community!