Learn about the process of rewarding users as soon as an item is redeemed in the Virtual Store without any manual work.

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Digital rewards are a natural extension of the Virtual Currency app offered by Tribe. Tribe's integration with Rybbon enables our customers to fully automate the virtual currency redemption process.

Here is a video tutorial that shows the end-to-end steps required for automated virtual currency redemption.

Now, let's explore the automation process with the help of screenshots.

To begin with, ensure that the following apps installed in your Tribe Community:

  1. Webhooks
  2. Zapier

Start off by creating a Zap in Zapier's web app. It will be a 3-way connection between 2 Apps.

  1. Webhooks by Zapier
  2. Filter by Zapier
  3. Rybbon App

Step 1

Under Webhooks by Zapier, the trigger event that you will need to select is "Catch Hook".

Step 2

Copy Custom Webhook URL and add it under the URL section in the Webhook Trigger. The video covers how to set it up in detail and test the trigger.

It will pull the information.

Step 3

Under Filter App, you need to set up a filter so that it only moves forward if the 'subject' has a specific keyword in the header.

For example, if you have set up a "$25 Amazon Voucher" as a reward, you can use a specific filter based on the e-mail that's triggered to set up the filter.

Here is a screenshot for reference:

Step 4

You need to add 'Rybbon App' in the trigger section and select 'Send Reward' as an action. Hit 'Continue' to move to the next step.

Step 5

In the next step, you will need to connect your Rybbon Account. You will need a username and API key in order to connect your Rybbon Account.

To do that, you can simply go to Rybbon's Integration section and copy the username and API key. Once you paste that in the Zapier, it will connect the Account.

Step 6

Now, you'll need to select the Campaign from which rewards need to be sent.

Along with that, you will need to add the email of the user who's redeeming (instructions in the video) and the name of the user.

You can fill additional fields as well but these are the mandatory fields.

Step 7

Once information is filled in, you can simply move to the "Test Action" section and test the Zap.

Once this is completed, you can set up multiple campaigns and connect them with different items in the Virtual Store and automate the complete process.

What's Next?