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Customer Support Manager at Tribea month ago

Add Top Navbar

This article showcases the available options to customize the top navigation.

To add or update the navigation bar on the top of the community, you need to go to Admin Panel that requires admin access:

2. Click on Theme from the left menu:

3. Go to Navbar:

Here is the format you need to insert the links. In this example, we are adding the links for Feature, Services, Pricing, and App Store). Type down the name of the buttons and put the link for that button inside |.....|, then add start to the end.

  • Features | | start
  • Services | | start
  • Pricing | | start
  • App Store | | start

Please do not forget to enable and save the changes. 

Mobile View:

You can move the responsive buttons of navbar to the hamburger button by adding ", responsive" to the end of each line, after the "start".

For example, if you want the "Features" to be moved to hamburger button, you should use this format in the links section:

Features | | start, responsive

What's Next:

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Shaya S

a month ago

How can I add an image background for the header navbar instead of a solid color? I've seen this on another community.