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Alexa Kempton


Community Manager @ Tribe3 months ago

Share your feedback using the new Tribe Platform!

Help us improve the Tribe 2.0 Platform by sharing feedback on your experience in the community.

❗Important note: All bugs relating to the new Tribe Platform should be submitted from your community via...

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It should be possible to withdraw invites of new members, not only to resend ones.

When are you guys planning to fix the post composer as it is glitchy and frustrating on mobile

Hello Tribe Team.

I know that you have taken into account our feedbacks regarding the default spaces, and I have read that you are already working on that. This is very great.

We have users from ...

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When will we be able to edit topics? And can the profile pic or video for the topic appear above the name and everything?

When is this feature rolling out? because it would be really helpful and make it easier and friendlier to post!

Posts & Composer

I really need my community to be able to upload videos. I've tried posting one several times but it never sticks. It looks like it's uploading/processing, but the video never shows up. Is this ...

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Apps & Integrations

Hey Tribe, I know you are super busy with v2 and this might not sound as the highest priority out there. Here is my point:

Better SEO --> more traffic for us --> vibrant communities --> happy...

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Apps & Integrations

i saw a few posts saying it will be possible to give custom badges with The Zapier app. And since the release of that is around the corner, how might we be able to do that.

And is the Zapier app ...

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Explore | Search

This would be so great as I'm building a professional networking site. Being able to look up all members and read their profile/bios would be essential for networking purposes. Is this in planning? If...

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Is it in backlog for Gamification feature on Tribe?

We would love to have challenges and badge awarding scheme to our Tribe members. They can gain points and exchange certain points for prizes.


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