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Alexa Kempton


Community Manager @ Tribe2 months ago

Share your feedback using the new Tribe Platform!

Help us improve the Tribe 2.0 Platform by sharing feedback on your experience in the community.

❗Important note: All bugs relating to the new Tribe Platform should be submitted from your community via...

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Is it possible to allow regular members to create spaces, not just admins?

Feature Requests

Is it possible to integrate the Stripe customer portal? Enable an option within each user's profile where they can embed a widget, or several widgets, to load the Stripe portal or at least redirect ...

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These features, along with reporting posts, would make the new tribe platform amazing.

Also, add follow buttons to users profile.

Feature Requests

Please support embed code for videos. Thank you.

Feature Requests

The motivation for creating a FB alternative (on Tribe platform) is to stay away from the Big Tech's indiscriminate censoring, deplatforming, control, and stealing of our personal data.

Yet, currently...

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How often do you guys release updates to Tribe 2?

Is it a fortnightly sprint? is it per feature or is it on release milestones with announcements?

I am asking because I keep coming back to my Version 2 ...

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Feature Requests

We have recently discovered that locking a question on the forum only stops more answers from being submitted. It does not stop comments under those already existing answers from being submitted....

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I am testing Tribe 2.0 and just noticed that the Admin panel was renamed to "Network settings". I vote against this renaming 😉

"Network settings" sounds very technical, I didn't think initially that ...

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It would be nice to deprecate the use of the [racially loaded] term "Blacklist" in favour of "Blocklist" or "Denylist". I just saw it on the Moderation Settings page and thought it would be a good ...

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Instead of deafult links for profile. Maybe its time to activate feature where community members can update their personal link which will make more unique and stylish.


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