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Tim France

Tribe Product Feedback

Managing Director12 days ago

Bug Report

Problems with notifications?

Hi all. Over the past two weeks we experienced problems with inconsistent delivery of email notifications for one of our client Tribe instances. After a couple of weeks' back and forth with the tech team the issue seems to be resolved. But now today, on a separate Tribe instance altogether, we have seen a halt in the on-site notifications for new posts (i.e. not email notifications this time, but on-site alerts/notifications of new posts).

Is anyone else experiencing problems with Tribe's system notifications of late?

Alexa Kempton

Community Manager @ Tribe11 days ago

Hi @Tim France,

Thanks for reporting this! I'm glad the email notifications issue you were experiencing has been resolved. Regarding the in-app notifications, a Tribe Support Team member will reach ...

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BTW, the latest problem with in-site notifications was an oversight on our part. We though that posts in the main feed (without topic tags) were all added to the in-site notifications (but we were ...

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