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Michael Killen

Tribe Product Feedback

Sell futures, not features12 days ago


Post identification - redacted 😅

I've noticed that posts don't seem to have any identification on post about which space or collection they're a part of.

It'd be extremely useful for me both as an admin as as a user, to be able to see from the post, what the subject or topic of the post is alongside the actual post title.

As you can see in the feed above, while I love the design, the post doesn't show "where" the post lives. Just a thought (:

Javier Alaves

Product Designer @ Tribe12 days ago

Hey Michael, have a look at the first line of the post, on the right side of the post author's name. On the right side of the ">" is the name of the space that the post is in. I hope this helps!

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