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Oliver Lubin

Tribe Product Feedback

yeah, let's give it a try!12 days ago


Spaces navigation element option

Spaces are fine but the general topic tag cloud is not great. It provides no order to help people understand how to navigate a space.

For spaces to be really useful, say as a Knowledge Base, you need some form of navigation / organizing principle.

Perhaps something like this:

  • For a given space, create an option in the Space management view to enable space navigation
  • From within that option, create the ability to add named navigation groupings
  • Allow posts to be tagged directly to navigation groupings and/or using Topics
  • Nested navigation would be nice eventually
  • Display the navigation element on all the associated Space views

Oliver Lubin

yeah, let's give it a try!10 days ago

I'd love know what others imagine using this for or how you'd want it to work in terms of control and functionality.