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Austin Henwood

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Community Ninja2 months ago

Tribe General Information

Why Tribe is not fully supported when I use Internet Explorer?

Tribe, alongside more other software on the internet, is not supporting IE (Internet Explorer). 

To give you a little bit of context, IE is an outdated explorer. Although this is a Microsoft browser, even Microsoft is not updating and supporting IE anymore.

  • IE version 10 was last updated on Jan 22, 2020.
  • IE 11, the last version, was released in 2013.
  • In 5 months from today (April 2021), the IE browser will no longer be supported by Microsoft.

Meaning, all the products on the internet that are younger than 5 years old, including Tribe, are not supporting IE browser as an out-of-business browser.

Also, Microsoft is not introducing a new browser as a replacement for IE, which is called "Microsoft Edge". You can find more information on the Microsoft website.