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There should be a feature where admin can create accounts instead of having to logout and create a new account or something like that.

I think adding a captcha box would help communities not get unverified bots signing up or logging in for a community account.

This post is archived because it's no longer valuable or valid.

✅ Resolved

When you hover your mouse on the footer social media icons it says "undefined facebook", or "undefined instagram".

I think you guys should add a loading screen. The loading screen should be customizable (adding custom logo, accent color, etc.). Each time the user goes to another page, the loading screen will show for 3-5 seconds or something like... (More)

🎉 This feature is delivered by Tribe team.

For mobile, In the Admin Panel, there is problem with the top menu bar. It extends to far out into the page. It goes from "general settings" all the way to "feed"... (More)

I think you guys should add some kind of Happy Holidays popup feature. Whenever it's Thanksgiving or something the popup will say "Happy Thanksgiving" or something. When it's Christmas the popup says "Merry Christmas" or something like that. 

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