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Robert D
Robert D


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I was always wondering why people use so many hashtags when they are posting something on the internet. When I clicked on a hashtag for the first time, I saw the magic and got the point.

Hashtags are like topics in an online community; when you assign them to a content, it connects to the other relevant contents. This is wonderful having access to all the information related to one subject, all in one place. Hashtags and topics make it possible to share knowledge worldwide and access to more information in a shorter time.

If you want to encourage your community members using this helpful feature, start from your community moderators. Then you can ask your loyal and active members using this feature and introducing it to the rest of the community members. Don’t forget to provide an explanation for community members about how using this feature and why this is helpful; they always work best!

Asking a question directly form a well-known writer, athlete, scientist, etc might be a dream, but in tribe this is a dream came true.

In tribe, any expert with many audiences around the world can have a room, where audiences ask their questions directly from him/her. Members can up-vote each others’ questions they like, and at the end the questions with more up-votes will be answered by the expert. This can be used for any person with many audiences around the world, before and during conferences, or in large classrooms.

Community gives you the chance to hear the voice of your customers, understand their deepest desires, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce customer support cost.

You let your customers share their experiences and make searchable contents for you. It ranks you higher on Google, builds trust, drives organic leads, increases conversion rate and sales.

You spend less money and sell more. 

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