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Siavash Mahmoudian
Siavash Mahmoudian
CTO at Tribe


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Currently, the only way to achieve this is through custom apps.

However, we're already working on a feature called user custom fields, which will let you add different types of fields including tags, dropdown, string, number, and checkbox.

I'll updat... (More)


Based on my understanding you're talking about JWT Authorization app. If that's not the case please let me know as a comment to this answer.

The JWT Authorization app should be used in combination with one of the SSO apps such as JWT SSO, OAuth2 SSO... (More)


The easiest way to authenticate users in the widget is utilizing SSO Token.

SSO Token is a JWT token which includes user's external ID (ID in your product), name, email, title*, picture*, and bio*. (The ones with * are optional)

If user exists based ... (More)


You can utilize the home widget stated in this answer23.

Here is how the home widget looks like for this community with only input and feed:,feed28

Originally answered to "Are there any widgets for other content types other than questions?"

Tribe widgets let you embed different sections of Tribe right inside your product or website. You can embed them as a WebView in phone apps, or iframe on web. You can also initiate them using Tribe JavaScript SDK.

Tribe widget urls start with /embed... (More)


We do have webhooks for almost all important interactions including question/answer/post creation, upvote/like, user registration/login/logout/update, topic/group creation/deletion, etc.

You can also use OneSignal integration to push notifications t... (More)


In Tribe, we follow the OAuth2 authorization method, and we do have a custom grant type.

To get an access token for a user you can use password grant_type if you know the password.

Send a POST request to

It... (More)


Tribe has an app called User Directory which enables user discovery and listing in the community.

In addition, you can request to add custom fields to members which will let members discover other members by filtering on the defined custom fields.

Th... (More)


It might be because Google has not found the community subdomain yet. Specially if the community has just launched. The best way to introduce it is to add a sitemap to Google Search Console.Β 

To add a sitemap, you should first add your communit... (More)


You can utilize Tribe widgets to embed a particular feed or Tribe component inside your product or other pages that you do have control on their source code.

Here28 you can find more about the widgets.


Tribe fully supports Auth0 for both authentication and authorization.

You can easily install the OAuth2 SSO (Single Sign-On) app from Tribe's App Store. Then generate a Client ID and Client Secret in Auth0 panel and enter those information along wit... (More)


Tribe runs on servers with "EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Certification". We currently do not offer hostings in EU but our data center for European clients is running on NYC1 region of DigitalOcean11.Β 

DigitalOcean is an active participat... (More)


This is only available on Enterprise plan, however we do not recommend it. The main reason is that the services are hosted on different servers.

Putting it as a subdomain is as simple as setting a CNAME inside your domain registrar panel. Basically,... (More)


Tribe supports the following SSO methods out of the box:

  • OAuth 2
  • JWT
  • SAML 2.0

We can also work with your company to implement a custom SSO implementation.

If you want to use Auth0 this post27 will explain the steps.


Currently, there is no limitation on the number of content you can feature but the platform randomly displays 5 of them.

If you explain your use-case in a comment to this answer, we'll be able to understand it better and let you know if it's on our ... (More)


We have already applied for WhatsApp Business API but Facebook is releasing this API to limited number of companies. We're currently on a waiting list to get access to the API.

Currently, we can start building the integration using Twillio API in sa... (More)


Card apps16 are only available in the premium plan.

Using this type of apps you can embed an iframe or an App Card inside a post in the sidebar, beginning of the post, or at the end. You can also embed Cards inside user's feed.

Iframe cards are the eas... (More)


You can simply copy the link of a question or discussion from the browser address bar.

If you want to link to a particular answer, you can click on the date of the answer and it will redirect you to a permalink to that answer.

Tribe also supports sho... (More)


You can embed following external services in all your content including answers, quick post, discussion, and articles.Β 

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • DailyMotion
  • Ted Talks
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Reddit
  • SoundCloud
  • Spotify
  • Flickr
  • Meetup

Just paste the link to any of these servi... (More)


In case you want your community on your subdomain you should just set a CNAME to domains.tribe.so47 in your domains DNS settings.

Sometimes, you might want your community on the root domain, let's say YourAwesomeCommunity.com53. In this case, the commun... (More)