As promised, we are finally releasing our 2020 roadmap. We believe 2020 will be the most exciting year for Tribe by far.

I'm mostly excited about the new version that we're working on. For now we're calling it Tribe 2.0 and it'll be built from ground up. Tribe 2.0 is not about features, it's a new way of thinking when it comes to building an online community. You should be able to create your own fully working version of YouTube, Facebook Groups, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Quora, or even SoundCloud. Imagine building "Quora for your Customers", "Instagram for Gamers", or "Pinterest for Architects" within a few minutes. 

The best thing about it is that we're going to open up our thinking and decision making to our community. This includes our product, technical, and even philosophical decisions. Early February, you'll see a new public Tribe group where we discuss the perfect community solution with our community. We will bring up different topics (like Navigation, Analytics, API, SEO, Feed, etc.) and openly discuss them with our amazing community here. We hope this way we'll be able to build something that all of you will love. Something that your community members want to interact with every day.

As for the current version of Tribe, here is what we have in mind over the next few months. We hope to build the features after October 2020 on top of initial release of Tribe 2.0. It's an ambitious goal but if you help us we'll build it.

Let us know what you think!