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Tribë SHämən

I am in charge of product and design over here at Tribe

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Hi @Patrick Schoeman3 
Currently when you click on like button, it turns the like icon to fill red like image below

Is there any way to "fill" the like button once clicked? I have users reporting that it is not clear when they have liked something.

Isn't this the expected behavior ?! You can also make a change through css.

Hi @David Carcich5 
That is because you go through apps from the marketing website.
Your point is valid though. For now you need to install apps from your admin panel > apps.

Hi @Lisa Revilo3 👋
Currently not. but we have other requests similar to this and have it in our backlog. 


Hi @Holly Vaughan4
I liked your suggestion so much that I also made our own badges to act normally.

I don't know why they are caps in a first place 🤔

Anyway, you can easily do this by CSS. Try... (More)


Hi @Tom C4
I see even searching for google on "Access to this page has been blocked" fiverrrr pops up. So the link preview thumbnail is correct. However I understand your concern.
Currently, there is no out of the box... (More)

I believe you are either referring to SSO (Single Sign on) or Social logins. Have you tried looking into these two? We provide them as an app.

Hello @ElCollabo Admin5
To understand more, allowing your users to create groups does not cut it?

I think you want to be able to create a group or let's called a space, and then allowing members to only create subgroups... (More)

Looks like a useful feature.
Currently you can create a new post types and set the settings on who can post and comment. Also you can set unverified users posts to go for moderation which is close to what you... (More)


Hi @Kaya Demiral12
Currently we do not offer sidebar customization out of the box and I doubt if you will be able to do it with CSS since you need to add elements to the sidebar rather than changing it's... (More)

We are approaching this in a better way. Soon you will be able to define the behavior of each content type. Either be it like, emojis or upvote. Will provide details soon.


Hi @Shayra 12 It takes a bit of time for the content to get indexed in search. However, we are optimizing the search indexing functionalities and soon the problem you are having will be fixed.

We understand "Event" is an essential application for communities and we will be releasing it as an app. You can follow up with upcoming features in Tribe Roadmap 202018