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Soheil Product Team
Tribë SHämən

I am in charge of product and design over here at Tribe

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Hi @Daniele Besana2
This is a common practice among Q&A portals. Members can only respond once to a question. Comments are for the situations where members would want to ask for clarification or simply "comment" and not respond.

Quora is... (More)

First, we need to clarify that there are two different concepts in Tribe: Reputation Score and Virtual Currency.

"Reputation score" is not transferable and the only way to gain reputation points is by being active in the... (More)

This has been requested few times. We are taking another approach toward cloning groups as some people might also need a slightly different sidebar in different groups but the goal is to be able to cloning them faster. This feature... (More)

Notion15: All-in-one workspace
Figma:17 Helps teams create, test, and ship better designs from start to finish.

How To

You can do so by pasting the FB pixel code snippet in your Admin > Theme > Advanced Setting and add the code to your head tag. 


While we are making it easier in the new version to make these as an option, for now the workaround is to add this css code in your Admin > Theme > Advanced Setting in the CSS field

.ui.button {border-radius:... (More)

Hi Jennifer,

Soheil from product team here 👋 ​

The logo on the header is supposed to appear as a square 40x40 pixel "app icon" rather than a custom size logo. It is recommended to upload a high resolution square... (More)


They are basically allow you to write code within your <head> and <body> tag.
Some advanced users might want to add their own script or add meta data. It gives you freedom to have more control over the codebase of... (More)

We are updating the Tribe's layout to be more solid and responsive to touch devices.
Is it a bug? Yes and no. 
Can it be better. Of course and we are working on it :)

To tell the truth @Danielle 17 I personally not a fan of the default avatar and we are going to change them. Some customization options would be nice 💪 

Will ask our team to make it happen soon. 


In order to remove the whole member section from group, add this CSS in admin > theme > advanced setting > custom css

.group-container .group-featured-members { display: none !important; }

Please note we will soon enable admins to be able... (More)

400 x 400 pixels.

The topic images appears in different places such as topic pages, topic header and sidebar.
The biggest size to support is 400x400 pixels which is also optimized for retina displays. 


I tell you a secret. 
give us a bit of time we are improving the notification and the defaults.

You need to have a google analytics account but you do not necessarily need a separate property.
You do need to have a separate property if you are using your analytics on let's say a website or a wordpress and... (More)


At this time you can not.

We will releasing a new app that enables you to ask question and approve when someone request to join a group. you can add custom fields to those questions. stay tuned.

We are working on making the header customizable.
at this time, logo must be square and at least 100 pixels wide and 100 pixels tall.

If you want to remove the home link for now, the workaround is to add... (More)

Hey Ed,
The original idea was that a question is one sentence and the rest of the details would go in the comment section of the question itself, hence no need to go to next line. This is the approach... (More)