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Soheil Product Team
Tribë SHämən

I am in charge of product and design over here at Tribe

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Tribe Product Update
Release Notes

Features & Improvements


Images (Topics, groups, avatars) are now being resized and compressed for faster performance.

Reputation App 
Admins are now able to exclude "admins & moderators" and "bot" accounts from the user leaderboard.

Admins are now able to allow both regular login and OAuth2 alongside each other.

Redeem Virtual currency
Admins now can allow members to redeem their credits at a virtual store.

Tribe Product Update
Release Notes

Improved email digest template.

Your community members who have set their "Email & Notifications" Frequency setting to either "Daily" or "Weekly" receive an email digest with a better grouping of notifications, Improved readability, and a summary of the updates.

Tribe Product Update
Release NotesFirebase App

New Integration: Firebase 🚀

Using Tribe natively on your phone application?
We have released a new enterprise app that enables an integration with Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM). 

It's a cross-platform messaging solution that lets you reliably send community activities as native push notification to iOS and Android devices.

learn more about  Firebase Cloud Messaging

Tribe Product Update

New Feature: Code blocks in editor 🚀

We have added the code block option to our editor. 
There are many cases where people would want to paste a snippet of code. 

The block supports many languages and formats the code when posted. 

Happy Coding 👌


Tribe Product Update
Release NotesGroups

Picking a group and adding topics while posting 🎉

Now you can enable an option to let your members add topics, or pick a group while they are posting.

  1. You can also make adding topics mandatory if the way you are organizing your community enforces all content to be tagged.
  2. If you are designing your community to revolve around groups, you can also disable the ability to post to or from main feed.

You can view the newly added admin options either in "content type" or "group app" setting 

Cookie Consent App 🍪

Since May 2018, given the legal requirements for explicit, informed consent, there has been an outgrowth in cookie ‘consent’ mechanisms popping up or sliding atop websites that nudge visitors about the use of cookies.

We have released an app called "Cookie Consent" on Tribe app store where you would be able to:

  • Put a message of your choice about tracking user data.
  • Customize the text of the action buttons.
  • Defining the position of cookie consent notice.
  • An option to give users the choice of rejecting the agreement.
  • An option to community admin to define what happens if the user rejects the agreement.
  • Upon user clicks on rejection, Admins can redirect the users to the URL of their choice or disable cookies with a prompt message.
Cookie consent settings on admin panel  🍪
Cookie consent settings on admin panel  🍪

In the following months, we will add more features to the app that enables admin to target different geographical areas and giving the visitors an option to specify which apps are able to track their activity.

We are releasing this free app for everyone. There are more premium sophisticated apps out there if you wish to use them.

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