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Alexa Kempton


Community Manager @ Tribe2 months ago

Receive updates on the Tribe Platform!

The Tribe Campfire Community is still evolving as we continue to release new features and improvements to our new product. Join this Space to receive updates on our new version for a peek into what's ...

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Hello Tribe Campfire Community!

The Tribe Platform is jam-packed with new features and functionality, and the What's New Space is here to share the upcoming changes in the "What's coming in the Tribe ...

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Member Invites

Here's a peek into the administrative side of the Tribe Platform! Member Invites are a great way to boost membership and the Tribe Platform is bringing us some new improvements to the Member Invite ...

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When creating a community post, it's helpful to include media resources that support and enrich your content. The Tribe Platform brings us enhanced post embedding by including the following updates:

  • ...
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We’re excited to introduce Tribe 2.0 Platform Search within the Tribe Campfire Community! We’ve been busy these past several months retooling Tribe's Search functionality.

Tribe 2.0 Search improvements...

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The Tribe Platform is reimagining how members come together. We're saying goodbye to "Groups" from our previous platform, and introducing "Spaces". Spaces are THE way to facilitate your content and ...

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We’re excited to introduce enhancements to Composer and Feed in the Tribe Platform!

To give Tribe's composer & feed a revamp, the release of the Tribe Platform will include the following updates:

  • ...
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