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Alexa Kempton

AdminWhat's new?

Community Manager @ Tribe5 months ago

⚡ Improved Composer & Feed!

We’re excited to introduce enhancements to Composer and Feed in the Tribe Platform!

To give Tribe's composer & feed a revamp, the release of the Tribe Platform will include the following updates:

  • Simplified Composer with composing blocks
  • Formatting controls
  • Added emojis 👍 ✅ 💜 🎉 🍎 🕺
  • Improved content truncation and threading
  • Emoji reactions to posts
  • Scroll position remembered when selecting back
  • Improved link preview
  • Coming soon! Integrated Apps for more Composer options.

Watch the demo

Learn more about the Composer and Feed improvements by watching the What's Coming in the Tribe Platform - Composing & Feed demo video above.

Provide your feedback

Let us know your thoughts about the Tribe Platform features by upvoting existing feedback or creating a new post in the Tribe Platform Feedback Space.

What are you most excited about with the new Composer & Feed? Thank you for your continued support in making Tribe the powerful platform that it is!