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Markëtinḡ at Tribe18 days ago


Introducing Default Space Notification Settings

Released on October 6, 2021

Notifications improve engagement and keep members updated on important community activities. Of course, if notifications are not relevant to a member or sent too frequently, they can result in a poor community experience.

That’s why now community admins are empowered to select the type of activities within a Space that trigger notifications for that Space’s members.

In addition, Tribe community members can also set their own notification preferences whenever they join a Space or via the Notifications option in their Account Settings. These preferences overwrite the default notification settings set by the admin.

Here’s an overview of the notification settings:

  • All posts and replies: Any new post or reply in the Space generates a notification.
  • New posts: Any new posts in the space generate a notification. Replies won't generate a notification unless the member is involved in that thread.
  • Posts of interest:  New comments and reactions to the member’s posts, as well as posts they have commented on, generate a notification.

The Space notification settings are available on all Tribe Pricing Plans

📖 Learn more about Spaces and notification settings here