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Improvements to Spaces: Introducing Default Spaces and Default Notifications

Released on September 2, 2021

User-generated content and member activity are vital for an engaging community! Members missing a post or activity can leave them feeling disconnected, and relying on them to join the right Spaces and set up their notifications isn't always effective.

Now Tribe is solving this by putting the power into the Admin's hands with the new updates to Spaces! Check them out below:

Default Spaces

Making a Space "default" ensures that the members don't miss the most important content created in the community and improves the onboarding experience.

The default Space feature allows admins to select which Spaces a new community member should join automatically after they register.

Learn more details below:

  • Populate your new members' feeds right when they join the community.
  • Define default Spaces directly from the email invitation's Spaces to join section.
  • Automatically add new members to specific Spaces that will help them get onboarded.
  • ➕ Available on all Tribe Pricing Plans.

📖 Learn more about Default Spaces here

Default in-app and email notifications

Notifications keep members updated and improve community engagement. Now set up default notifications for each Space to define the type of activities for which its members should receive a notification.

Learn more details below:

  • Here are the three notification types:
  • All new posts and replies: Any new post or reply in the Space generates a notification.
  • Only new posts: Any new posts in this space generates a notification. Replies won't generate a notification unless a member is involved in that post thread.
  • Mute:  Only followed posts and replies generate a notification.
  • ➕ Available on all Tribe Pricing Plans.

📖 Learn more about Default in-app and email notifications here

Have questions about Default Space Notifications and Default Spaces? Please post them in the Campfire Support Space!