Early preview released on December 27, 2021

Hey, everyone 👋

One of the advantages of being a community-led company is building communities of enthusiastic customers who would help you to shape the future of your product. As a company that provides a platform to build such communities, we try to live by this mantra!

Since the launch of the new Tribe Platform back in June 2021, we have received a tremendous amount of feedback. We listened to every bit of feedback and started working heads down to further improve the Tribe Platform.

We want to wrap the year by just saying “Thank you”! It is quite humbling to know that what we build matters. We are planning to roll a set of new updates that would pave the way for all the unique features we are planning to release in the upcoming year.

Given below is the list of the updates available today:

Improved user experience

Three column layout

The community layout with three columns will open up the way to add additional blocks on the right side. We’re starting with a leaderboard, but in the future, there can be other blocks like trending posts, getting started guide, and iframe area.

The new layout also doesn’t occupy the entire browser from edge to edge which is in line with the majority of websites. This will be useful for a seamless merging with the websites.

New customization capabilities

Easily create a community that looks beautiful and make it uniquely yours with thoughtfully hand-crafted color palettes, style, and typography. You can also customize the menus and header with different styles and display settings.

Improved post editor

The post editor now comes with a distraction-free writing mode and an easier way to attach tags to a post. Also, there are new formatting options to display code and add direct quotations.

Faster page loading

The browsing experience and community interaction will be much more smooth because of improved speed.

Better engagement


Now it will be easier to reply to a post because replies can be posted directly from the feed. Moreover, the last two replies to a post are visible in the feed, and replies are displayed in a nested format.


We looked at the most popular emojis used for reacting to a post and selected the top 6 emojis. It is easier to react to posts with a limited set of emojis—people don’t have to spend time on opening up an emoji picker.


As mentioned earlier, we’re introducing a leaderboard in the third column of the new layout. It will showcase the most active members of your community and new functionalities such as a point system will be introduced to further improve it.


Now the notifications display contextual information. For example, the notification for a reply will show the actual reply. You can also view all the notifications on a single dedicated page.

Another important update is the desktop notification powered by Chrome and Firefox browsers.


The new “Share” button enables members to share posts using popular social networks and email. The beauty of this feature is amplified on a mobile device—the “Share” button uses the native functionality of the device for sharing content.

Improved Community Structure


Communities with a large number of Spaces will now benefit from the search functionality for Spaces. Admins can also easily add cover images simply by searching Unsplash, a website that hosts free pictures.


Similar to Spaces, now it will be possible to search for members from the member directory. This will be useful for member discoverability and help in networking.


Admins will find it easier to highlight tags in a Space. Simply click on “Edit Highlighted Tags” and select the tags.

We are giving all of our customers the ability to have an “early preview” of these new updates. Like any beta software, many improvements and bug fixes are still in the works—but we’ve done our best to heavily test the platform. We’re relying on you to provide us with your feedback and report any bugs you may encounter before we officially flip to switch for all customers.

You can try out the beta version simply by switching on the toggle button in your community Administration area. Check out the following👇

❗These updates will be automatically applied to all the communities built with the new version of Tribe in the second week of January 2022. If you created a community after 1st June 2021, then you are most likely on the new version of Tribe.

💡 Looking to try out the beta without activating the same for your members? Simply add ?ui=new to your community URL (e.g., https://community.company.com/?ui=new). Revert to the existing version by adding ?ui=classic to your community URL (e.g., https://community.company.com/?ui=classic).

What’s next?

Join us for a webinar to see the updates in action and learn more about future improvements.

🗓️ Date and time:

🕧 January 11, 2022 - 12:00 PM to 01:00 PM ET

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Share your feedback and get help for issues related to these updates by joining the Beta Feedback Space.

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