[Recording] Shaping the Future of Tribe — Chapter 4

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Hey, Campfire community 👋

Last week we had the fourth live session with Tribe's co-founders in the "Shaping the Future of Tribe" event series. The session was focused on the first version of the improved customizer that will enable community builders to customize the community using Blocks.

Here is a breakdown to help you easily explore different topics discussed in the webinar:

  • Live walkthrough of the improved customizer — 07:23

  • Mockup of Space templates — 25:08

  • Q&A on customizer and templates — 29:01

  • Upcoming apps — 47:01

  • Access to open-source apps (GitHub Profile) — 52:50

  • Features coming soon to Tribe — 54:28

We thank you for joining the session! Sharing the recording in this post for those who could not attend or are interested in re-watching.

If this looks exciting and you want early access to these improvements, apply using the form given below and we’ll get back to you.

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Note: This early access will allow you to try out the first version of the Block-based customizer.

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