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CEO at Tribe19 days ago

We are thrilled to introduce the launch of the new Tribe Platform!

For the past 2 and a half years, Tribe has been successful in enabling businesses to build customizable customer communities. While we have been proud of what we have accomplished in our early years, it was also just the beginning of our journey and represented an opportunity for us to gain a much better understanding of our customers' needs and aspirations. We listened to an overwhelming amount of customer feedback, both positive and negative, evaluated our own goals as a company, and made a conscious but challenging decision to rebuild Tribe from scratch.

Today is a new beginning for our company, our employees, and most importantly, our customers. We are so excited to begin sharing more about the new platform, its capabilities, and what's coming.

For now, get started by learning more about the vision of the new Tribe Platform.

Tribe Platform Vision

Our vision for the launch of the new platform focused on four major themes:


The new platform now runs on a more scalable infrastructure. This means different community components (e.g., feed, file upload, analytics) are now powered by independent units. In short, one component doesn't affect the performance of others and will allow us to easily add new features way faster.


Tribe recognizes that each community has specific use cases and requirements. It was created to let brands build customized online communities based on the unique needs of their audiences, without any coding knowledge.


Tribe empowers developers to create new functionalities on top of the platform via apps. These apps are being built by Tribe's internal team at present. In the future, independent developers will also be able to build apps for their members and can be released to the Tribe App Store.


Tribe Platform offers a more seamless way for you to embed a section of the Tribe Platform into your own product. This allows you to integrate a community into your products and website to offer social experiences right where your audiences already exist.

Improved user interface and new features

The new Tribe Platform comes with a fresh look and a reimagined layout focused on simplicity, accessibility, and ease of use. The end-user experience and engagement tools make the community familiar and easy to use for your members.

In addition to a new look, the Tribe Platform offers enhanced community features that take care of the core components of an online community, including:

  • Community Structure
  • Collections & Spaces
  • Composer
  • Posts
  • Feed
  • Search
  • Explore page
  • Member features
  • Network Settings

What you see today is just a base foundation. The platform will continue to evolve with our customers through feedback and an ecosystem of third-party developers building new apps and functionality on top of Tribe.

Our commitment to our customers

Customers are the soul of the Tribe! And we are committed to collecting your feedback, stories, challenges and triumphs. We also want to ensure that you’re equipped with the right resources and information. We’ll be introducing new content and programs that will help you best leverage the Tribe Platform to create a thriving online community.

What's next?

  • Explore the new platform’s core features.
  • Create your Tribe on the new Tribe Platform.
  • Learn more about new Plans & Pricing with the Tribe Platform.
  • See how Tribe is using the new platform to power the Tribe Campfire Community.

We appreciate the help and patience from our customers as we unveil the new Tribe Platform. And thank you for your ongoing support of Tribe.

For Tribe Platform questions, search/ask in the Support Space.

For Tribe Platform feedback, search/post in the Tribe Product Feedback Space.

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18 days ago

As seen in the screenshots attached: taking a screenshot makes the top navigation bar disappear. Before taking a screenshot it is "sticky". Why does taking a screenshot break the stickiness of the top...

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1 reply

Mohannad Shahin

Founder & CEO 18 days ago

i recently subscribed to tribe communities, when can I expect to update my platform to tribe 2.0

Where are the apps? I see that I'm on a 14 day trial of the premium version and it's super confusing. Why did the Tribe team feel it was ok to release this? I look at the website and use the product ...

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1 reply

I am trying to setup a new community that uses SSO and none of the online documentation or videos reflect what I'm seeing in this platform. There's no Apps section and the built-in OAuth on Premium is...

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1 reply

Tribe 1 is awesome. am sure Tribe 2 will be better. but am worried if all the apps from Tribe 1 which our users are used to will be there. Please retain all the apps

Thomas Morgan

11 days ago

Are you keeping the old product intact? Option 3 should be the #1 focus for paying customers. Why in the world would start a community over from scratch? Or have to use an API.

You are absolutely right, @Thomas Morgan. The old product will be intact until the right tools are provided to our customers.

Before providing a migration tool, we need to make sure the new product...

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1 reply

False advertising seems to be an issue. Why am I forced to add a silly emoji next to a group/space/etc when that's not what Tribe advertises?

George Mihailov

a day ago

> Tribe empowers developers to create new functionalities on top of the platform via apps. These apps are being built by Tribe's internal team at present. In the future, independent developers will...

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Brandon Goldberg

5 hours ago

So what happened to the old communities that were setup? My site is apparently down and I don't even know how to get into my community to try and fix it. Thanks.