Tribe Public Roadmap

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Welcome to Tribe's public roadmap! You can find a summary of the capabilities we plan to introduce below. The roadmap is broken into three categories:

  1. In progress: Items in this section are being implemented right now, and should be available soon.

  2. Planned: Items in this section have been planned, and will be promoted to the "in progress" section once development begins.

  3. Considering: Items that we're considering, that will need to be planned.

Please note:

  • This list is an outline of things that we plan to ship. Tribe is an agile organization with priorities that can change. And we will reflect those changes in this list.

  • This is not an exhaustive list of all the things we plan to work on. There are smaller enhancements and fixes that are not covered.

Thanks for your understanding!

In Progress

Space Templates

Create beautifully crafted spaces, conveniently through our space templates. Each space template presents functionality to satisfy unique needs. Here are our initial space templates:

  • Ideas – Get ideas from your members, allow them to upvote other ideas, and select status.

  • Support (Q&A) – Let members ask questions, and answer them. As admin, select best answers, and mark questions as solved.

  • Events – Share events with your members and allow them to RSVP.

  • Updates – Share community updates with your members in an easily accessible/viewable way.



  • Load speed – We're significantly improving the speed at which communities load.

  • Moderation – We're introducing controls to automatically send tickets to moderation, such as: minimum account age, flagged members, posts with images, etc.


Space Templates

  • Changelog

  • Roadmap

  • Article

  • Job board

  • Knowledge base

  • Resource library

  • Courses


  • Notifications

  • Activity feed

  • Search

  • Real-timeness


  • Zendesk

  • Salesforce


  • Multiple languages

  • Anonymous posting and change display name

  • Polls

  • Follow members

  • Virtual currency & rewards

  • Federated search

  • Assign posts to staff members

  • Internal notes on posts

  • Report members/posts

  • Member groups/segments

  • Community templates

  • Member onboarding


  • Bookmarking

  • Scheduling

  • Drafts

  • Email digest

  • Registration by approval

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