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Community Manager @ Tribe5 months ago


Brand the Community

Customize the community to match a unique brand.

Branding allows Admins to customize the thematic elements of the community to match the desired look, style, and feel of their brand.

To incorporate branding, Admins can add:

  1. Logo: The symbol or design used to identify a community.
  2. Community Name: the name members identify the community.
  3. Coloring: A community's color theme that is automatically used across your site. This determines the community's Primary, Background, Secondary, and Text colors.
  4. Top Navigation: The top vertical menu that displays top-level items of a website's structure.

Customize Logos

Update the two types of logos by clicking on the [...] More > Administration > Settings> General.

Community Logo

The Community Logo is the logo that appears on the community's top left Navigation, as well as the top of the community's Email Notifications.

  • Click Update after the changes are made to see the final result.
  • The recommended ratio of the Community Logo is 2:1, at least 128px in height.

Important note: If no Community Logo is provided, the community's name (mentioned below) will be used by default.

Squared Logo

The Squared Logo is a squared version of the Community Logo, used mainly as a favicon as well as the mobile home screen app logo.

  • Click Update after you made the changes to see the final result.
  • The recommended ratio of the Squared Logo is 1:1 ratio, 512x512 px.

Community Name

The Community Name is how members identify the community. This will be displayed in many areas of the community. Type the name of the community and select the Update button to apply changes.

Customize the Community Colors

Liven up the community by selecting the brand's colors:

To customize coloring, click on the [...]More in the left menu > Administration > Branding.

1. Select one of the elements to edit its color (Primary color, Background, Secondary, Text).

2. Drag & drop the color indictors on the hue and shade pallets to select the desired color or insert the brand's hexidecimal or RGB color code to select an exact match.

Tip: Admins can test and view changes as they go by viewing the preview of the community on the right.

  • Click Save & Publish.

Add Top Navigation

The top vertical menu displays top-level items of your community's structure.

Learn how to add Top Navigation

  • In the left sidebar, click [...] More > Administration > Branding > Toggle on Top Navigation > Click Save & Publish.

Add items to Top Navigation

To add new items to the Top Navigation, click + Add and complete the following steps:

  1. Type: Indicate the style of the button link.

  1. Link
  2. Primary Link
  3. Primary Button
  4. Secondary Button

2. Text: insert the text to display in the header.

3. Link: Insert the item's link.

  • Important note: "https://" must be included in the url to be valid, except for using "mailto:"

4. New Window: check if the Navigation Item should open in a newbrowser window.

5. Select the Add button.

6. Click Save & Publish.

"Powered by Tribe" Badge

By default, all communities display a Powered by Tribe badge in the bottom left corner and its email notification footers.

White-Labeling: Remove the "Powered by Tribe" badge

This option is available on Tribe's Premium and Enterprise Plans.

To remove the Powered by Tribe badge from a community & email footers, follow the steps below:

  1. Click [...] > Administration > Branding > White-label.
  2. Turn off the Display Tribe branding toggle.
  3. Click Update.