Custom Code Snippet App

Add custom codes for third-party integrations with analytics, messaging, and tracking tools.

The Custom Code Snippet App is only available to customers on Tribe's Premium and Enterprise plan.
Learn more about Tribe's plans here.

Important Note: Since custom codes can conflict with the community's underlying code and result in user-experience difficulties, coding knowledge is required when adding custom codes.

Supported Code:

The Custom Code Snippet App only supports HTML and JS. Community admins cannot integrate server-side languages (such as Perl, PHP, Python, or Ruby) in any code section.
❗Important Note: Adding code to a community is an advanced modification that falls outside of the Tribe Supports Team's scope.

Occasionally, custom code is the root cause of the issue, and checking a community's custom code can be an important troubleshooting step. As a result, the Tribe Support Team may request that the custom code is removed to conduct troubleshooting.


If the embeddable code has opening and/or closing tags, make sure to add them to the code.
Important Note: Information related to the tags below is just for reference purposes. The Custom Code Snippet App does not validate added codes. For example- If the 'meta' tag is added in the body, the app won't throw an error.

Link tag: <link>: The <link> tag defines a link between a document and an external resource and always goes in the <head> element.</head>

Meta tag: <meta>:**The <meta> tag provides metadata about your site and always goes in the <head> code</head> section.

Script tags: <script> </script>: The <script> tag</script> allows you to embed JavaScript in the site and can be added in the <head> or </head>.

Enable Custom Code Snippet App

  1. Log into your Tribe community using your admin account> Click on your profile picture > Administration > Apps page > Select the Custom Code Snippet App:

  2. Click on Install this app:

  3. Once installed, a box for the Head and another box for the Body codes will appear:

  • Head code: Code that is entered in the Head tag is applied to the entire community and allows to link external resources, add metadata, etc.

  • Body code: Code that is entered in the Body tag is applied to the entire community and allows you to add scripts to the community.

❗Important Note: If any third-party cookies are added using the Custom Code Snippet App, it will not be compatible with Tribe's Cookies Consent App. To learn more about the Cookies Consent App, please visit the article listed in the What's Next section below.

What's Next?

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