• Customizer: Navigation Menus, Feed, Colors, Typography

    Learn how to fully customize the layout of your community using the Customizer feature. Change the navigation menus, feeds, coloring, and Typography, and make the community your own.

    How to access the Customizer:

    1. Log in with your admin account > click on theย Profile Pictureย in the top-right > Administration >ย Customizer:

      How the Customizer works

      From theย Customizer menu, you can update:

      1. Spaces: Home page, Members page, Spaces page, and each Space

      2. Navigation: To Navigation, Main Menu, Collection Menu

      3. Colors: Community coloring

      4. Typography: Community font

      1. Spaces:

      From the Space section, you can fully customize the layout of different community pages, customize each of the components on a page, and add or remove blocks on the following pages:

      • Home page

      • Members page

      • Spaces page

      • Each Space

      Learn more about the enormous customization options on each page here.

      2. Navigation

      • Top Navigation (a):ย The top vertical menu displays top-level items of the community's structure. Add a new item to the top navigation or customize the existing ones.

      • Main Menu (b): Add or remove items to/from the Main Menu on the left. Change the listing order of the item available on the Main Menu.

      • Collections Menu (c): Change the listing order of Collections, View Style, and Hide/Unhide Collection from the left menu.

        Learn more about the Navigation settingsย here.

    3. Colors

    You can pick a color theme or customize the colors. To apply a color theme, simply click on one of the available theme options. To customize the coloring, click the Customize button.

    Learn more about the Colors settingsย here.

    4. Typography

    Click on one of the available fonts and save the changes. The font will be reflected on the entire community.

    What's Next?

    Learn how to:

    1. Add a Custom Domain

    2. Add Spaces to the community

    3. Brand Your Community: Logo, Community Name, Color, Font, Top Navigation, White-Label