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  • Dan Guzon
    Tribe Team

    Moderation: Moderation Settings and Moderation Panel

    Automate community moderation using Tribe's built-in moderation app.

    The Moderation tool allows admins and moderators to prevent, modify, and remove the content before it gets published if the content is against the culture or terms of service of your community.

    Moderation Settings

    Admins can update the moderation rules and settings.

    Log in with your admin account > click on your profile picture on top-right > Administration > Settings > Moderation:

    How Block List Works:

    A customizable set of words, terms, or numbers that Admins and Moderators can define to assign potentially unwanted posts to moderation for review.

    Admins can manually add words to the block list and/or use common profane words list. Then, Enable block list toggle, and click on Update.

    Tribe block list supports the following format:

    • A,B,C (no space between commas)

    • A , B , C (space before and after the comma)

    • A, B, C (space after the comma)

    • A ,B ,C (space before the comma)

    • Or add each word in a separate line

    Moderation Panel:

    Admins and Moderators can access the moderation panel in 2 ways:

    1. Clicking on the profile picture on top-right > Moderation:

    1. Click on the Moderation Notification on top of the feed:

    This takes you to the Moderation Panel, which contains Pending Posts and Pending Members:

    • Pending Posts: posts that contain a word from the block list.

    • Pending Members: members who have requested to join a Private Space.

    Admins and moderators can click the community name from the left menu and see all pending posts, or click on each Space from the left menu and see only the pending posts and pending members specific to that Space.

    Admins and Moderators can either 'Reject' or 'Accept' the pending items:

    • Accept Post - Publishes the post in its respective Space and sends a notification to followers.

    • Reject Post - Deletes the post from the Pending posts section and never published to the community.

    • Accept Member: Let the member join the Private Space and access its content.

    • Reject Member: Do not let the member join the Private Space.

    ❗Important note: Members receive a toaster message on the page, informing them if their post is sent to moderation. Members will not receive a notification if their post or request to join a space is rejected.

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