Automate community moderation using Tribe's built-in moderation app.

The Moderation tool allows admins and moderators to prevent, modify, and remove the content before it gets published if the content is against the culture or terms of service of your community.

Access Moderation Settings and Moderation Panel:

  1. Click on your profile picture and then select Administration::

2. From here, you will find the Moderation Settings and the Moderation Panel:

Moderation Settings

All Moderation Settings are community-wide, but it is possible to appoint Moderators to specific Spaces as well. Currently, there is only one section under the moderation setting: Blocklist

How Blocklist works:

A customizable set of words, terms, or numbers that Admins and Moderators can define to assign potentially unwanted posts to moderation for review.

1. Click Moderation Settings from the Moderation Panel.

2. Toggle options:

a. Enable blocklist - blocklist items provided in step #3.

b. Include a list of common profane words - blocklists items in Tribe's common profane words list.

3. Type additional words to blacklist in your community.

a. ❗Important note: Separate each word by a comma or newline.

4. Click Update to apply changes.

Common profane words

A large list of words that are commonly categorized as blacklisted terms, which admins can enable or disable, as well as the manually defined blacklist. Admins and Moderators can click on this link to view the entire list.

Moderation Panel

The Moderation Panel contains the pending posts, which are posts that contain blacklisted words or terms from the Profane word list that was customized within the settings.

Admins and Moderators can either 'Allow Post' or 'Remove Post' that ended up in the moderation panel:

  • Allow Post - Publishes the post in its respective Space and sends a notification to followers.

  • Remove Post - Deletes the post from the Pending posts section and never published to the community.

❗Important note: Members receive a toaster message on the page, informing them if their post is sent to moderation. Members will not receive a notification if their post is removed.

On the top of each pending post, Admins and Moderators are given the reason why the post was filtered:

Tip: Moderation isn't just about filtering content. It is also a way to ensure posts are tagged, properly formatted, and written clearly to result in the best engagement.

What’s Next?

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