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  • Posts & Composer

    Share content with the Community.

    A post is content (text, images links, etc.) published within a Space. Create posts in the composer and share them with a community to start discussions, ask questions, publish information, and more!

    In this article, you will learn about the following:

    1. The structure of a published post

    2. Creating a post using the composer

    The Structure of a Published Post

    a. Poster: The member who created and published the post.

    b. Space: Where the post was published.

    c. Post Title: The H1 name/description of the post.

    d. Body text: The main content. Customized with options explained in the next section.

    e. Tag: The label used to categorize posts within Spaces. Can be created/selected within the composer and/or when editing a post.

    f. Reaction: A response to a post in which a person chooses one of several emojis to indicate their feelings about the content of the post.

    g. Interactions: Displays how many replies and followers this post is generating.

    h. Post actions: Like, follow, or share a post.

    i. Reply: A published response to a post.

    j. Reply to comment: Click here to directly reply to the comment.

    k. Second level reply: A published response to a reply that threads underneath it and by default, Mentions the other poster.

    l. Reply to post: Click here to respond directly to a post

    Create a Post using the Composer

    1. In the Space, click What's on your mind? to open the Create post composer.

    1. Enable full-screen view if you wish.

    2. Add a Post Title.

    3. Add the body text of the post. Customize the post with the following options:

      a. Add TagsΒ to help categorize your post. For more information on categorizing your content, check out the following article Posts: Add Tag to a Post

      b. + iconΒ for formatting/menu options:

      c. Enable a shortcut for rich text options.

      d. Include emojis

      e. Attach or embed images

      f. Attach or embed files

    Tip: Type '/' to open formatting menu options.

    5. Click Publish.

    What's Next

    1. Follow and Unfollow a post

    2. Attaching a file to a post

    3. Edit a post

    4. Hide or unhide a post