User Roles and Access Levels

Learn more about the different roles and access levels offered by Tribe.

Currently, there are 4 different roles in tribe communities: Member, Admin, Moderator, Space Admin.

How to change the Role:

Each role has a different level of accessibility, and only admins are able to change the role of the user's account. Admins can change the members' role from Administration> Members> Role section:

Differences between the roles and access levels:

1. Member:

Members are end-users who are part of the community and they can:

  • post content

  • React to a post: reply, like 

  • Join spaces: Join public spaces, request to join private space

  • Edit their profile: manage their own account and personal information (learn more here)

  • Edit their own content and replies

2. Admin:

Admins have full access to community settings. Meaning, they can make any changes to all the settings and the apps inside the Administration. Admins also have access to all the capabilities for regular members and moderators.

3. Moderator:

Moderators have access to moderate content. Moderators can: 

  • Edit any content and make sure that the posts are qualified and appropriate. 

  • Edit the tag assigned to each post.

  • Accept/Reject the request to join a group.

  • Access to the moderation panel.

Space Role

There is also a Space Admin role that can be assigned to space members.

Users with Admin access or the creator of the space are able to go to a space settings and change the role of a space member to a "space admin".

4. Space Admin: (Can only be assigned within a space)

Space admins can only manage the settings related to the space they are assigned to. That includes:

  • Changing the role of other space members to Space Admins or vice versa

  • Adding/Removing highlighted tags in the space

  • Adding/Removing members to/from the space

  • Changing the space type to Public, Private, Secret (learn more here)

  • Changing the space settings: Space name, description, image, banner, etc

What's Next:

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