User Roles and Access Levels

Learn about Members, Admins, Moderators, and Space Admins.

Currently, there are four different roles in tribe communities: Member, Admin, Moderator, Space Admin.

1. Member:

Members are end-users who are part of the community and they can:

  • post content

  • React to a post:ย reply, like

  • Join spaces: Join public spaces, request to join private spaces

  • Edit their profile: manage their own account and personal information (learn more here)

  • Edit their own content and replies

2. Admin:

Admins have full access to community settings. Admins can make changes to all community settings and install/uninstall apps inside the community Administration. Admins also have access to all the capabilities for regular members and moderators.

3. Moderator:

Moderators have access to moderate content. Moderators can:

  • Edit any content and make sure that the posts are qualified and appropriate.

  • Hide posts that no longer need to be displayed in the feed for other users.

  • Edit the tag assigned to each post.

  • Accept/Reject the request to join a group.

  • Access to the moderation panel to edit, approve or reject posts.

Learn how to change the userโ€™s role to Admin, Moderator, and Member here.

4. Space Admin: (Can only be assigned within a space)

Space admins can only manage the settings related to the space they are assigned to. That includes:

  • Changing the role of other space members to Space Admins or vice versa

  • Adding or removing highlighted tags in the space

  • Adding or removing members to and from the space

  • Changing the space type to Public, Private, Secret (learn more here)

  • Changing the space settings: Space name, description, image, banner, etc

  • Accessing the Moderation panel (pending posts and pending users) for the Space (in progress)

Learn how to assign admins per Space here.

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