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Instantly connect Tribe with 3,000+ apps and build automation.

Zapier is a powerful app that connects a community with 3,000+ apps and converts it into automated actions. Zapier sets automatic triggers based on an event and performs the action(s) either inside the community or in a third-party app.

Discover what Apps you can connect with Tribe Via Zapier.

Although there are endless use cases for the Zapier app, below are some of the most popular examples:

  • Create support tickets from community discussions.

  • Add contact to marketing software, such as MailChimp, when a verified user joins a community.

  • Log the community activity of the customers inside the CRM app.

  • Add users to different groups inside the community when they make payment for a subscription.

  • Invite Users to the community right after you receive the payment

  • Update User Settings.

  • Add content to a Google Spreadsheet based on new posts added to the community.

  • Create a community discussion when a blog creates a new post.

  • Perform sentiment analysis on the user-generated content by sending content to a service like Semantria.

  • Create and publish a community post when a post in your social media is published.

Note: Below, you can see the process for activating Zapier on Tribe New Version.

Activate Zapier:

  1. Log in with your admin account> click on your Profile Picture> Administration.

2. On the Administration page, click Apps on the left sidebar:

3. On the Apps page, click on Zapier App:

4. Click Install this app:

5. Once the app is installed, copy the API Key and click on "Open", as explained in the Settings section of the App:

6. On the next page, click on "Accept Invite and Build a Zap."

❗ Important Note: To view the "Tribe New" app, we need to ensure that we complete Steps 5 and 6. If you don't view the app, please follow Step 4 again and click on "".

7. On Zapier's website, please log in and click My Apps on the left sidebar:

8. Click on Add connection on the top right side:

9. After clicking on Add connection, a new dialog box will appear with the search option. Search for "Tribe New" and click on the result:

10. After clicking on Tribe, a new dialog box will appear and ask for the API key. Insert the API key copied from the Zapier App in Tribe, pick Production for the Environment section> click on Yes, Continue:

11. Once Authorized, the Tribe App will be available for use.

12. Congratulations! Zapier App is now set up. Go to to set different triggers for the automation you would like to add:

❗️ Temporary Note for Beta Users: Since this app is invite-only at this moment when you accept the invitation, you should create your Zaps by clicking on Create Zap, because invite-only apps won’t appear on the Dashboard in Zapier.

For a visual guideline, please watch the video below:

Zapier Triggers & Actions

View the available Zapier triggers & actions below:


  • Collection Deleted- Triggers when an existing collection is deleted.

  • New Collection- Triggers when a new collection is created.

  • Member Deleted- Triggers when a member is deleted from the community.

  • New Member- Triggers when a new member joins the community.

  • Member Updated- Triggers when an existing member profile is updated.

  • Post Deleted- Triggers when a post is deleted.

  • New Post- Triggers when a new post is created in a space.

  • Post Updated- Triggers when a post is updated in the community.

  • Space Deleted- Triggers when an existing space is deleted.

  • New Space- Triggers when a new Space is created in the community.

  • Space Updated- Triggers when an existing space is updated.

  • Member removed from Space- Triggers when a member is removed from a space.

  • Member added to Space- Triggers when a new member is added to a space.



  • Create a Post- Create a new post or question in a space.

  • Create a Space - Create a new space in the community.

  • Invite a Member - Send an invite to join the community (Define what spaces they should be part of).

  • Update a Member- Update an existing user profile in the community.

  • Remove a member- Add or remove a member from the community.

  • Add a member to a space - Add a member to a space.

  • Remove a member from a space- Add a member to a space.


  • Search Post - Search an existing post in the community using ID.

  • Search Member- Search an existing member in the community using ID only.

  • Search Space- Find an existing Space within the community using ID.

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