This update gives a breath of fresh air to the admin panel and showcases a sneak preview to the upcoming major overhaul in terms of design, feature improvements, and the structure of the platform.

There are three key changes here:

Improved usability

The new admin panel comes with a better organization of different settings, intuitive labeling, and descriptions. The community resources have been linked in different sections to make it easier to configure everything.

Going forward there will be more powerful integration of the community resources inside the product.

Easier theming

Now it's much easier to change the overall look and feel of the community with additional bells and whistles such as color picker and better navigation bar designer.

This furthers our step towards delivering ready-made templates to completely change the community within seconds based on the community type.

Custom domain pointer

Easily add or change the domain for your Tribe from the "Domain" settings section.

Enter the domain name and follow the instructions.

Once the system accepts your domain, it will be set up of your Tribe within few hours.