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Melanie Jones
Marketing Manager
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What is the definition of a Monthly Active User (MAU)?

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Mo Malayeri
Growth Manager at Tribe

In Tribe, a Monthly Active user (MAU) is defined as any user with any activity inside the community within the given period of time (a month). The activities include: Reading or publishing any post (including but not limited to status, question, answer, article, comment, reply), reacting to any post (including but not limited to a like, upvote, emoji), following anything (including but not limited to a topic, profile, user, group). The definition based on the channel is further explained below.

ChannelUnique Active User Definition
Community WebsiteAll users: Any user who visits the community website counts as an active user.
Widgets and Web viewsUsers who interact with the widget: Only users who interact with a Widget or WebView are counted as active. For instance, if the widget is loaded in a page, once the user clicks on it resulting in meaningful action like expanding an answer or voting up, it will be counted as an active user.
API and SDKsUsers with at least one API requests: When an API request is sent to Service Provider’s servers on behalf of a user, that user will be counted as active. If the request is not authenticated, a unique session ID per user is required. In such case, the number of active users will be determined based on the number of unique session IDs.