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Can someone please explain the topic types?

How to change the type for a topic?

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Originally answered to "How to change the type for a topic? "

Admins can change the "type" of any topic to one of these: "Collection" or "Tag". Here are the differences between these types:

  • Collection: It has its dedicated landing page with follow button, so members can follow their favorite collections of topics. 
    Collections can get listed under the "all topics" page. Collection is the default "topic type" when an admin creates a topic from Admin Panel> Topics> Add Topic.
  • Tag: It is similar to hashtag in Twitter and Instagram. Tag has lower importance than collection. 
    Tag does not get displayed in the "all topics" page. If you want it to appear in the "all topics" page, you (admin) need to change the type of the topic from tag to Collection. 
    Tag is the default "topic type" when a member (not an admin) creates a topic. To create a tag, you can start posting a content, then "add topic", type down the name of the tag, scroll down and add it as a new tag.
    If there is no option for you to add as a new topic, it means that admin does not allows the regular members to add new tags. Admins can ban users from adding new tags as explained here35

To change the type of topics to one of these three types: Create the topic> Click on the topic> Edit> Change the Type> Save the changes.