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Frances Silva
Lead Developer
Asked a question last year

Can Tribe be hosted on sub-directory?

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Co-founder at Tribe

This is only available on Enterprise plan, however we do not recommend it. The main reason is that the services are hosted on different servers.

Putting it as a subdomain is as simple as setting a CNAME inside your domain registrar panel. Basically, the subdomain and domain will be pointing to different IP addresses. That’s why almost all SaaS softwares use subdomain to be under customer’s domain.

To implement it under a subfolder, we need to do two parts:

  1. We need to set a reverse proxy on client’s side since the same domain cannot be pointed to two different IP addresses. This means that all the traffic to the community, will first hit the client’s server, and then the client server calls Tribe on the backend and then show the result to the user. Since the servers are not on the same region this might result in poor performance.
  2. Tribe was designed to be used as a subdomain, therefore it uses absolute urls for all its links. (/posts for instance) This means if we want to host it on a subfolder we should change all /posts to /SUB-DIRECTORY/posts for instance. This is doable, but it has its own complications.