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SSO (Single Sign-On)
Robert D
Community Manager
Asked a question 2 years ago

How does Single Sign-on (SSO) work in Tribe?

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Eli Tribe TEAM
Customer Support Manager at Tribe

SSO (Single Sign On) connects the user-base from your main product or website to your community. As a further explanation, when you enable the SSO on your community, you connect your product/website users to your community. This way, if someone already has an account on your product/website, an account will be automatically created for him/her in community, with the same account information such as name, email, and profile picture. Users on your website will be able to use the community without even realizing that they are directed to a new platform, as it automatically logs them into the community.

Also, when someone wants to sign-up on your community, he/she will be redirected to your website's sign-up page to create the account on your main website (which automatically creates account for the community too).

We support different SSO methods, 252including JWT, OAuth2.0 and SAML. The SSO feature is available on premium and enterprise plan. 

Enabling SSO requires some light development work but we have made it fast and easy to configure. You would need to install the relevant app based on your preferred SSO method and then add the endpoints and URLs in the app setting.