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Kenneth Jensen
Community Moderator at Acondo
Asked a question 3 months ago

How to migrate users to your Tribe community using API?

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Hello Kenneth, 

Thank you for the question. Please find step by step information below: -

  1. First step would be to authenticate your access and there are several ways how that can be achieved. To know more about, please refer to our article “Authentication using Tribe API” by clicking here24.
  2. Once your access is authenticated, it will generate an access token.
  3. Once you have the access token, copy it and add it to the header. Please find the format below: -

Key                                            Value                       Authorization Bearer<space>                   Insert generated access token

How to migrate users to your Tribe community using API?


          4. Once added, please move to the “raw” section under Body and select JSON format. Once selected, add the following parameters in JSON format: -


     {      "username":"Username",      "name":"Name of the user",      "email":"user’s email",      "password":"desiredpassword",      "confirmpassword": "repeatpassword"      }

Some of the other fields that you can add are as follows: -

externalIdStringThe ID of user in the external serviceNo
roleStringThe role of the user. Can be member, moderator, or adminNo
sourceStringThe source of the user (e.g. API, SSO, Google, etc.) Can be used for analytics.No


How to migrate users to your Tribe community using API?


     5. Lastly, select “POST” as the request type and insert “https://Your-community-URL/api/v1/users”5                         (Replace “Your-community-URL” with your own community URL).

    6. Once you hit send, and if you followed all the steps, it will create a user for you with the status “200 OK”.

If you receive an error code, you can read about it, here- Error Codes15

To know about several other API endpoints, please click here7